Organised Crime Inc. (movie)

‘The Dutch online gambling network’

About unregulated anonymous and tax avoiding offshore online gaming shellcompanies and their trustofficer directors

A true, real-life thriller and filmscripts in progress, ‘Organised Crime Inc.’ and ‘Murder Inc.‘ offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the Dutch financial system, cloaked in old-world secrecy, including a mortifying account of the functioning of a core-corrupted narco-state within a federal government system.

Trying to make sense why since 2012 hired assassins were looking to kill me with Dutch authorities only interested in covering everything up, I unravelled a dark secret criminal-financial web, turning my easy going Dutch-Caribbean lifestyle into a terrifying corporate shell-game nightmare.

The book and scripts basically describe how my homecountry became a world leading drugstrading, tax-sheltering and money laundring service provider (hub) for organised crime organisations and billionaires, by succesfully hiding the world’s biggest illegal offshore online gambling network in taxtreaties, trustcompanies and shell companies in the Netherlands Antilles for more than 25 years.

The reason why I am so passionate about this is that I want to create awareness among good citizens to understand how seemingly solid democracies with upstanding reputations in decent European countries can get undermined by a narcostate from the inside out. What happens if transnational trustcompanies abuse tax treaties, anonymous, tax-exempted shell companies and taxrulings to operate a network of thousands of unregulated online casino’s for international organized crime organisations in the name of ‘investment climate‘ and ‘competition position‘ to their homecountry. And what that does to the rule of law and order and independent journalism.

If it can happen to my beloved little Kingdom of the Netherlands, it can happen to your country too.

Through my stories and blogs I hope to inspire and inform readers worldwide about the lethal dangers of international drugstrading, tax-sheltering and money laundring paradises.

The book is due in September, 2021. The films Organised Crime Inc en Murder Inc. are planned for the years 2022 en 2023. Together they paint an alarming picture of how the world’s most succesfull drugstrading, tax-evasion and money laundring system for organised crime organisations and multinationals operates.

On my Patreon page I offer regular updates and previews of what is to come and the behind the scene in the writing process.